Hi! My name is Jess.

I am passionate, Registered Nurse and Certified Trainer. Graduated from Gonzaga University (GO ZAGS!) with my BSN. Originally, I pursued nursing to help other’s in their time of need at the hospital. However, during my ER practicum I had a realization that nursing might not be the only way I wanted to make a difference.

After working as a personal trainer, I realized I wanted to approach the medical field in a preventative direction, with nutrition and exercise. It is now my mission to help others develop the tools to improve eating habits, increase fitness levels and better their overall quality of life. Ultimately, allowing people to live their lives to the FULLEST!

You must strive everyday to be the strongest, healthiest, happiest human being YOU can possibly be! ​We all have the strength within ourselves to overcome obstacles, accomplish goals, and achieve our dreams. Everyone’s STRONG is different, but YOU must work be willing to work for it. Be courageous, don’t settle, and never stop believing in YOU!